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Flame Aroma Diffuser

Flame Aroma Diffuser

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  • Diffusers & Humidifiers

    Our multifunctional aroma humidifier can be used widely as an aroma diffuser, humidifier and night light. Our aromatherapy diffusers not only help calm your mood and relieve stress, but also improve air quality and prevent dryness.

  • Compact

    Our aroma diffuser is characterized by its compact design, consisting of a main body and a precisely fitting lid. This space saving makes it particularly versatile and ideal for any environment.

  • Flavors and oils

    Our aroma diffuser allows you to add your favorite aromas and essential oils to spread a pleasant scent and increase your well-being. Enjoy the variety of scents that enrich your surroundings and ensure relaxation and harmony.

  • Ultra-quiet

    Our aromatherapy diffuser creates a peaceful atmosphere in an ultra-quiet environment at just 25dB, helping to calm your mood, relieve stress and improve your sleep quality. Thanks to the integrated intelligent chip, the air diffuser automatically stops operation when a lack of water is detected.

  • Colorful gradients

    The combination of light and fog creates an impressive flame effect. The light offers you the opportunity to choose between 7 different color changing options. You can set it to cycle colors, a fixed color, or even turn off the lights according to your preference.

  • Leakproof

    Our aroma diffuser offers you a leak-proof water tank with a generous 130 ml capacity. This feature not only ensures a long service life, but also worry-free use, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the pleasant aromatherapy.

  • Emma D.

    What I particularly appreciate about the aroma diffuser is the ability to create a pleasant scented atmosphere while reading. The gentle aromas increase my well-being and help me to immerse myself in my books. It's the perfect addition to my cozy reading corner.

  • Sarah Z.

    The aroma diffuser is an indispensable companion during my relaxing time in bed. Using various essential oils, he creates a calming atmosphere that helps me reduce stress and put me in a state of deep relaxation. This improvement in my sleep quality has made my time in bed even more pleasant and allows me to switch off better

  • Svenja O.

    The aroma diffuser is an ideal companion while you work. Not only does it create a pleasant scent atmosphere, but it also helps to increase productivity and concentration. The gentle essential oils can reduce stress, improve air quality and create a calming environment that makes work more effective and enjoyable.


Model: DQ-705
Size: 13.5*13.5*7.8cm (D4.05*H2.35in)
Capacity: 130ml
Spray quantity: 15-20ml/h
Usage time: 6-9 hours
Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC
Support: Aromatherapy Essential Oils

scope of delivery

1x diffuser
1x instruction manual (English)
1x Type-C cable